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Tuscia in Fiore 

I was selected to participate, after presenting the painting Tribute to Ellena Ferrante, in Tuscia in Fiore Vernissage event which took place from December 7 to 10, 2022 in Viterbo, Italy.

Eight artists (four musicians and four visual artists)   from around the world have been selected to take part in this event to celebrate the diversity of cultures in a magnificent city with such a well-preserved medieval heritage.

I created three paintings inspired by this environment. One that I created during a session shared with a dozen local artists. It was inspired by the legend of Galliana, a young girl with a tragic destiny, of incredible beauty, with complexion diaphanous, who was saved by a lion from the horrible beast to which she was to be sacrificed, and who then perished from an arrow launched by an admirer whom she had repelled. My painting is an abstract representation of the bust of Galliana, which has a small red trace on the back of the neck, left by the arrow that pierced it.

I was also inspired by the architecture of Viterbo, in particular by a door of the Saint Laurent cathedral near the Palace of the Popes and by the so delicate vaults of the latter.

These three paintings are on permanent display at the Degli Artisti gallery in Viterbo. 
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